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My name is Bob Normand, and Patty Normand is my wife and partner at Bakery Normand.

The idea for the bakery was ‘leavened’ in the Counter-Culture movement of the late Sixties/early Seventies, but it came to full ‘proof’ in those desperate years that all aging Twentysomethings experience. Suddenly idealism hits the hard wall of reality, and ultimately you have to find a way to make a living.

We would compromise only just so far, though. We were committed to working with our hands; we were committed to making something that people needed; we were committed to being part of a local community, one that didn’t view customers as consumers or employees as mere labor; we were committed to working as hard as, and side-by-side with, our employees; and finally, we were committed to creating a livelihood that our children could recognize as real, honest and meaningful.

Thirty-one years later we are still baking on the same street in the same town. We only ever wanted to be a small corner bakery, and that is what we still are. You may have overlooked our shop on Main Street - at 44 Main for the first 8 years and now for the past 23 years at 192 Main. You probably haven’t seen our TV commercials or heard our radio spots; but that’s because there haven’t been any. We believe in a small footprint. We don’t razzle-dazzle. If you’re lucky, you will stumble on our shop or, now, on our website, and you will believe that you have made the greatest discovery- you will have found a great full-service bakery, where the product is made from scratch and by hand, and where the prices are fair and the service is personal. This will be your own personal discovery, one you might want to keep as your own little secret, or one you might want to share with people who likewise value something authentic.

I trained at three bakeries in Germany in the late 1970’s. I was very fortunate that all three were small, family owned and operated bakeries. Today, the trend, even in Europe, is for larger corporate bakeries with multiple franchise outlets. There was no better place to learn about how to bake quality, small-batch baked goods than from people who knew their craft as thoroughly as the Germans do. And there was no greater example of how one’s work and one’s life could be successfully and happily integrated than the family owners of these small local businesses in Germany.

Today, shopping locally from local merchants and producers has once again come back into vogue. Today, "Small is Beautiful" is beautiful again. At a time when all of us are trying to re-define wealth and happiness and purpose, we at the bakery have been doing just that through the work we do and the product we sell everyday for the past thirty-one years.

We hope you will discover us soon.

Mostly, we hope that some of our baked goods become a part of your next home-cooked, family meal.

Store Information

Bakery Normand
192 Main Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Tuesday to Saturday, 7:30am-5:30pm

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