Tea Cookies

Our all-butter tea cookies have been a staple item at the bakery since we first opened our doors. They are small, two-bite cookies that are sold by weight. Select a few or a few pounds, depending on your needs. Choose all of the same kind or mix them up. Your selection is boxed up as you wait and can be ribboned if you are giving them as a gift. These simple yet elegant cookies are made by hand (actually, by many hands) in small batches. They are prized for their moderate sweetness and rich buttery flavor. We use only unsalted butter in all our cookies and add no additional salt in the recipes.

All the varieties are made using the three basic methods for small cookie production; these are the icebox cookie method, the pastry bag, or hand-piped method and the cut-out method. Seasonally, the choices may expand to include Cheese Crackers (a savory alternative that goes well with wine) and other special cookies for the Holidays. Please check our Blog postings for seasonal additions.

Our standard selection includes:
  • Butter Hearts: a simple, rich, not-too-sweet butter cookie, made with flour, sugar, butter and eggs. 
  • Chocolate Hearts: same as Butter Hearts, but darkened with cocoa powder and dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Bear Paws: A pastry bag cookie, made of two halves of a lemon dough sandwiched together with apricot jam and dipped in dark chocolate. The lemon dough is made of flour, powder sugar, butter and milk.
  • Cat Tongues: This is a pastry bag cookie made with flour, cocoa powder, powder sugar, butter and milk. It is given the traditional 'cat tongue' shape, is dipped in dark chocolate and is sprinkled with toasted almonds. 
  • Strassburgs: Same batter as the Cat Tongue cookies, except that it is piped out in the iconic squiggle and half dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Heidesand: A light, fragile and 'sandy' shortbread made with flour, browned butter and sugar. The cookie literally dissolves on the tongue.
  • German Chocolate Chip: A firm, almond flavored cookie made with flour, butter, powder sugar,eggs and dark chocolate chips.
Large Cookies

Our large cookies are generous, single-serve treats. Some are so generous that you might want to share them. The following is a list of our standard offering:
  • Ganache Cookies: Three layers of butter cookie sandwiched together with an orange flavored chocolate ganache cream. The top layer is baked butter streusel. The entire construction is finally dipped in dark chocolate. This is one of our most popular large cookies.
  • Linzer Hearts: Two layers of linzer dough made from flour, butter, sugar, eggs, ground almonds, vanilla and cinnamon. The layers are filled with red currant jelly anf the top is dusted with powder sugar.
  • Pecan Shortbread
  • Ginger Molasses Cookies
  • Cowboy Oatmeal Cookies
  • Cowgirl Oatmeal Cookies
  • Nantucket Chunkers
  • Hermits
  •  Lemon-Anise Cornmeal Sheet Cookie

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