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We have been re-thinking our cake and torte selection in recent months. The result, and the first major change since we started our bakery, it that we have eliminated sliced tortes- that is, tortes which we display on a regular basis and sell by the individual slice. Since our bakery does not include a sit down cafe, it doesn't really make sense to cut and sell individual slices at the point of sale. And because we have so many other pastries and cookies to chose from that were created as stand alone, single serving items, there is less need to include in that offering sliced cakes and tortes.

We understand that there are and have always been customers who enjoy grabbing a slice of torte to eat on-the-go or who liked selecting several assorted slices to take home for a family dessert platter. Unfortunately, the demand for this category has been so low that cakes and tortes were sitting too long in the case, resulting in sub-par products or a high loss because tortes had to be thrown out on a regular basis.

Occasionally or seasonally, we may offer a special torte or cake by the slice. Please check our display case to see if there is anything available by the slice. But please be aware that an item that appears one week may not be available the next week. Because of the hit-or-miss nature of these specialty products, they may not be available for special order; where possible, we will try to accommodate your requests if we can.

Our Fruit Salad Tarte will still be available on the weekends and by special order, as long as we can get the summer fruits at the market.

You can always order your favorite torte from our old list of standard products, either in 7.5 or 10.25 inch size, even if that torte is no longer part of our standard offering. We will be glad to keep your favorite cake memories alive for that special occasion if it is at all possible for us to do so.

The following six tortes from our long-standing stock offering are pictured and described below for reference.
  • APPLE TORTE-A filling of apples, raisins and spices is baked in a cookie dough shell with a frangipan (almond cream) lattice top. The top is glazed with apricot jam and roasted almonds. 

  • HAZELNUT NOUGAT TORTE-Three layers of chocolate cake brushed with rum; the layers are filled with piped in hazelnut nougat cream and vanilla flavored butter cream; the top is combed with the same nougat cream. (Hazelnut nougat is a Swiss product made from hazelnut paste and milk chocolate-the French call it Praline.)

  • LEMON TORTE-Three layers of yellow cake brushed with rum and filled with a lemon flavored butter cream. The side of the torte is breaded with toasted coconut.

  • MOCCA TORTE-Two layers of chocolate and one middle layer of yellow cake; each layer is brushed with Orange Liquor (Triple Sec) and filled with a coffee flavored butter cream.

      • SACHER TORTE-Three layers of a rich chocolate cake with ground walnuts and almond paste; layers are brushed with rum and apricot jam; coated in dark chocolate.

      • TRÜFFLE TORTE-Three layers of a rich chocolate cake with ground walnuts and almond paste; layers are brushed with rum and are filled with a dark chocolate ganache cream; coated with dark chocolate and roasted almonds.

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