Our New Sprout

The center panel of Grandma Patty's quilt for Sam
This will be a short post that is personal rather than directly Bakery Normand related.

On Thursday, March 29, 2012, our oldest son, Pete, and his wife Polly gave birth to their first son- Samuel Baker Normand. He is Patty and my first grandson. I only post this today because Sam's name was made official today, and for that all of the grandparents are extremely grateful. Mother and baby are doing fine, and dad is doing his bit providing support and love. Pete read Sam his first 'out of the womb' book, Dr. Seuss' OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO!, and it moved him very much-Pete, that is, not so much Sam.

On their drive home from the hospital on Saturday, mom and dad took a little detour to drive down Main Street in Northampton in order to take the little sprout past grandma and grandpa's bakery. "That's where grandma and grandpa make all kinds of great breads and pastries, Sam, and it is oh, one of the very special places you'll go!" said Pete.

We're so happy for Pete and Polly, and we know for certain that little Sam will be grow up with love, laughter, and if his dad has his way, with a lot of skiing, biking, skateboarding and other assorted riskier sports activity.

Congrats Pete and Polly!

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