Mother's Day is Coming

Slowly, life at home and at the bakery is getting back to normal- the new normal. Between settling my mom's affairs and re-organizing my kitchen staff after the departure of my three-year veteran Josh Estep, I just haven't had the time or desire to post. That will change as Spring advances and we look forward to some cheery and sweet holidays, like Mother's Day (bittersweet, this year) and the Commencement Season at the local colleges. The weather has turned cooler, as it should be in Spring, so working in the kitchen has become more pleasant again, a lot less hot and humid. We can save those conditions for the Summer, thank you very much.

We were voted third place in the Valley Advocate Readers' Poll. After being in first place for so many years in the '90's and early 2000's I suppose it should be something of a let-down. But, quite frankly, the Poll is just a gimmick for the weekly paper to sell advertising space, and even when we polled number one it never much mattered to me. My focus has always been about making an authentic product and selling it with dignity. I was never such for the seduction of advertising. There is no doubt that our business has entered it's 'mature' phase, which it to say we're not cute and cuddly like a newborn, nor brimming with the vitality and sass of youth. Old age is certainly less appealing to folks and we may just be out-of-sync with what the market wants. America is obsessed with all things new and young; and since we refuse to re-invent ourselves by slapping on a label that says "New and Improved-Now With 50% More Raisins in Every Box," I guess we'll just keep doing what we do and hope that enough people like it to make it worth getting up at 4:00AM every morning. To those of you who still support us, I would like to vote you "Best Customers In the Valley."

In the meantime, stay tuned for a summary of our specials for Mother's Day in the coming weeks.

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