What is a Blarney Scone?

New this year for St. Patrick's Day is a tasty soda bread about the size of a scone. We have, with some levity, named it the Blarney Scone. Unlike the famous Blarney Stone of Blarney Castle in Blarney, Ireland, kissing this scone, or in this case actually parting your lips and consuming it passionately, will not impart the gift of gap, the ability to flatter or "deceive without offending." In truth, and without bluster, we can assure anyone who tries this special treat that they will be filled with a great peace and a great oneness with everything Irish.

Also, they will be eating a nutritious and versatile snack. We start with a lean batter, meaning it is low in fat. The great thing about that is you can then freely bulk it up with your own toppings, whether that be butter, English clotted cream, jams, jellies or any combination thereof. The scone is surprisingly light and airy, given that it contains, in addition to unbleached all-purpose flour, 10% whole wheat flour, 10% oats and 10% organic barley flour. The liquid in the batter is provided by low-fat buttermilk. Sweetened with sugar, honey and the natural goodness of currants, we finish it off with a special blend of spices (including whole caraway seeds) which round out the flavors of the other ingredients without overpowering everything.

Available now through Saturday.
Try them out soon, because we're sure people won't be able to stop talking about them

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