Swiss Christmas Knot

As I said in yesterday's blog, there have been a number of requests for a holiday breakfast bread that would be less sweet and rich than a Danish Ring, but more complex than a standard loaf of bread.

Well, here she is, the SWISS CHRISTMAS KNOT. It is a diminutive egg bread (not challah) that is twisted into a knot. Yeasty, light and airy, not too sweet, not too rich. The dough is laced with toasted pecans and dried cranberries and flavored with lemon, vanilla and nutmeg. After baking, the bread is brushed with butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar for that extra sparkle. I made a trial batch of the Knot today, mainly to test the concept and, if successful, to photograph it for today's post. By the time my workday was done and I started to set up for the photo shoot, however, there was only one knot left and a scrap of the knot we had cut into to sample with our staff. Apparently, customers were drawn to it like bees to honey.

Thanks to all those customers who challenged me to add this product to our Christmas production. I think we have a winner here. Available while they last, now through Christmas Eve. $5.95 per loaf.

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