Countdown to Christmas

This is the final week of the Christmas Bakery and we can't wait to get going. Our durable wares are nearly complete, with a few additions and exceptions. We have quite a number of Bûche de Noël to complete and package, and there will be some last minute cakes and desserts to finish, but mostly we will be busy organizing our fresh bread and breakfast pastry production for Christmas weekend.

There have been a few requests for a "holiday" bread, something less sweet than a danish ring and more interesting than a plain loaf of bread. Now for me, the Stollen is the classic Christmas holiday bread. But I can see that it may be too sweet and rich for some people. So I'm giving this request a little thought and plan to make a diminutive, eggy, nutty and slightly fruity Swiss-style weekend bread for this Friday and Saturday. It will either be a braid or a knot; not sure yet. Order it if you like to take a chance at the unknown. In any event, it will be delicious. It should price out at $5.00 per loaf.

And a final word about posting to this blog over the past five months. Besides actually making and baking our product, it's been a lot of work taking the photos, editing them, uploading them, sizing them, positioning them, and writing some more or less 'intelligent' words to accompany them. Mostly it's been a labor of love, except when the damn internet kept going down (which it does a lot with our Verizon DSL connection)  and having to re-do two hours worth of posting. Sharing the visual beauty of some of our rather special baked goods, and informing the world-wide world about us and our bakery, has been gratifying in a virtual way. But, of course, to really know a bakery you have to encounter it in the material world, and to that end our blog is just a tool to get you out of your door and into ours.

As much of an effort as doing both of these jobs has been, first the material work and then this virtual work, I have a hunch that January is going to seem empty and dull. Is it possible that I might actually miss these crazy, busy days?

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