Saint Gallener Bread is Back

Saint Gallener Bread, also known in Switzerland as Sankt Gallenerbrot, was a staple bread at Bakery Normand for many, many years. For some reason, over time, it went out of favor....except with a hardcore group of fans who had discovered that it was the best bread to use in their turkey stuffing. Now, I personally have not tried using this bread for that purpose. Mostly I like using it as an all-purpose sandwich bread. It is a hardier bread than our French Loaf because it is enhanced with 10% medium rye flour and 10% cornmeal. This addition lends to the crumb a bit of tooth and a more complex flavor.

In Switzerland it is the signature bread of the city and German-speaking region of St. Gallen. Characteristically, it is baked as a free-form bread with a complex form of pulled and tucked tails and a round head. Some Swiss bakery websites even say that this bread shape has a 'nose' (Nase). Yeah, well, whatever; we used to make this unique shape alongside the more conventional Pullman pan loaf pictured in this post. I think most people in our market thought the traditional shape was a bit odd, and so it was never as popular as the loaf pan shape. Below is an image of St. Galler Brot from a Swiss website:

See what I mean!

So for those of you who would have been asking us if we were going to be making St. Galler Bread for Thanksgiving...we beat you to it. We will be offering this wonderful bread through Thanksgiving. Order it for Wednesday, November 23rd, or pick up a loaf or two early so you can dry it out for your turkey stuffing. Either way, you will have the pleasure of an all-purpose, simple, flavorful, and honest loaf .

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