Witch's Hats, Ghosts and Pumpkins

Admittedly, Halloween isn't only for kids, and Bakery Normand is getting ready for some treats without the tricks.

Let's start with something that is fun and very delicious...our Witch's or Wizard's Hats. (You decide which.)

We start with a cookie base and artfully fashion a conical pile of sweet pâté on top of it. The pâté is made from yellow and chocolate cake scraps, butter cream, toasted/ground filberts, raisins, cocoa powder and rum. Basically, we are talking about an enhanced mixture of leftovers. But what a fabulous leftover filling this is! Next the 'hats' are coated with dark chocolate.

Once the chocolate shell has firmed up, we apply marzipan cutouts of moons and stars to the hats.

And just like magic you have a wizard or witch's hat. Come in soon to try them out before they...disappear...poof...

Now moving on the another treat, one that can also be eaten, but is more often admired untouched...Bakery Normand's Halloween Marzipan Ghosts and Pumpkins.

These fun vignettes are 100% edible constructions. Built on a chocolate covered cookie base, the figures are hand sculpted from marzipan. Additional details, such as the bare trees and the picket fences, are made from piped chocolate.

The pumpkin posse is hanging out before the full marzipan moon, looking for trouble, that doesn't involve a smashing good time

The ghost family is also looking for some haunting action. But while the parents are working together to create some fright, youngster is acting out as usual, and hasn't yet figured out that he's not suppose to be so...friendly.

We'll keep you posted on any other Halloween treats as we get closer to the holiday.

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Michelle Loubser said...

Love the Halloween spirit and the creativeness!

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