Pumpkin Mousse

Once again we offer something new for this Fall weekend- Pumpkin Mousse. This dessert is spicy and fruity, rich, yet light. Built on a cookie base with chocolate cake, the whipped cream mousse is made with pumpkin purée, ginger-spiced apples and dried cranberries marinated in rum. We use our own secret recipe of roasted spices to kick the flavor up a notch. A Spekulatius leaf cookie adds an elegant finish with its spicy crunch. The mousse comes in single serving sizes and in a small torte size to feed six folks.

And don't forget that we still have Spekultius Leaf Cookies in plain and chocolate, and in oak leaf shape and maple leave shape.

Also with the same spicy dough we have our Halloween 'Fraidy Cats and Spooky Ghost Cookies.

See you this Saturday at Bakery Normand. And remember to support all local craftsmen. Contrary to what Thomas Friedman has claimed, the world is not flat; it's just incredibly large and complicated. Think small, think simple, think local.

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orbit said...

All of this sounds so delicious!! I was working on my blog down here on the shore in North Carolina, and I was excited to find your blog at the top of a "blogs of note" list! My wife and I recently moved down here, and we still miss our walks up and down Main Street and all the wonderful places to explore in Northampton.

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