Pile of Leaves Dessert and More...

I call this a "pick-apart" dessert. It's great fun with kids or even adults after a family meal. By way of describing this dessert, I'll show you in a few steps how it was assembled.

First I start with a baked cookie base which has been completely coated in dark chocolate.

Next, I broke apart several chocolate french macaroon shells. Then I applied a random series of chocolate ganache and hazelnut nougat cream 'shots' or dabs using a pastry bag.

Next I stuck the macaroon shards in a scattered way into the dabs of cream.

Finally, and with reckless abandon, I 'raked' the various Spekulatius (Almond Spice Cookies) leaf cookies on to the macaroon shards, using my pastry bag and various creams to fix them in place. The leaves were cut and baked ahead of time using various leaf-shaped cookie cutters. The idea was to have a big variety of leaves (and acorn cookies, as well) to make the leaf pile as interesting as possible.

The final result is a whimsical dessert that is eaten by picking it apart in a fun competition between friends and family.

Just be careful that a sudden wind doesn't scatter all the sweet treats away before everyone can get their fair share.

Assembling this dessert is really easy once you have all the component parts at hand...of course, that's the difficult part. Eating your way through the leaf pile is pure creative destruction.

Two other treats we have this Halloween weekend are:

a Pumpkin/Pecan Cupcake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting and Spekulatius bone cookie on top,

and a chocolate cupcake with a mocca/chocolate ganache frosting and a stylish marzipan tombstone.

You just have to love Halloween. Even at the bakery, it seems anything goes. I hope you've enjoyed some of the things we made for this all-American holiday. Now get those costumes ready for Monday night!



Kevin said...

What an ingenious creation...

David Kutcher said...

last year we had one of the first iterations of this dessert and wow. we all thought it was the most interesting mix of flavor, texture, and pure yummyness

Celebrity News said...

mmm yummmy, make hungry again :)

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