More Good Things for Fall

Our extra large tin brioche pans have mellowed with the years of use and abuse at the bakery. We love the fact that they have acquired the aged patina of antique bake ware, even though we bought them new in the 1970's while working in Germany. Of historical note, for those of you who can't remember a time when Germany was not a united country, is the "Made in W.Germany" stamp embossed in the bottom of the pan- that would be the West Germany of the Cold War Era.

We use these brioche pans to make our Brioche Normande, inspired by the flat-topped brioche loaves of baker Jacques Leterrier in the village of Le Vast in Normandy.

Our 300 gram loaf, at 5 times the weight of our normal brioche buns, is great for slicing; spread generously with butter and your favorite jam. Serve with tea or coffee for an inspired mid-afternoon break. One customer has told us how he used the loaf as the 'bowl' for a turkey pot pie. If we can persuade him to share his recipe and method,we'll pass it one to you later. And if you have a favorite use for these jumbo brioche loaves, feel free to share it with us using "Comments" or our email contact at

Here's something new and unique~Rosemary/Honey Shortbread. These rich buttery pastries are a contrasting blend of savory and sweet. As with all shortbreads, they are made from a few simple ingredients that equal more than the sum of their parts. To butter, flour and sugar we add chopped rosemary leaves and honey for an after dinner treat that will both puzzle and delight your taste buds.

And finally, a tip-of-the-hat to Rayla, our afternoon saleswoman, for her fun and artistic sign for this season's Hermit Bars.

Great work!

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