Autumn Cake

Our new cake for this Autumn weekend is a Pumpkin-Pecan Quick Bread with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting. Nestled on top of the cake are hand-made marzipan pumpkins and miniature Spekulatius leaf cookies. The cake batter is made of white, wheat flour, brown sugar, olive oil, pumpkin purée, toasted pecans, eggs, spices, and finely minced orange peel. The frosting used real Vermont maple syrup and reduced fat cream cheese.

A delight for the eye and for the palette, this dessert would be a show stopper for any weekend occasion.

Also made from the same cake and frosting, but in a smaller bundt pan variation, is our spooky precursor to the Halloween season-the Pumpkin-Pecan Bundt Cake with Ghost rising from the center.

Do you dare?


Cheiyne Middleton said...

Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!! ;-)

Alison in CA said...

That looks delicious!

Michelle said...

Wow, looks incredible! I love the sprite of orange in the centre of the cake.

Ninja-ing my way through life

Mónika Csapó said...

When I saw only the small photo I thought those are real pumpkins:).

NinjaDiva said...

oh dear! I am droooling...

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