Two New Ideas for Fall

Fall is knocking on the door here in the Valley, so let's open it and welcome in two new items to our cookie and pastry selection.

The first new product is an out sized sheet cookie, so called because it is a fairly large thin cookie that is meant to be broken up into irregular pieces and shared. We are already imagining several variations on this concept which explore other flavors and textures. But for now, our introductory variety is a Lemon-Anise Cornmeal Sheet Cookie topped with sliced almonds.

This cookie is packed with flavor and has a delightful crunch and gritty tooth. Great for sharing or to keep all to yourself.

Our second new offering is a tart yet sweet, fresh apple and ginger filling in a cream puff (pâte à choux) shell. The shell top is dipped in a caramel brittle coating, which lends a bitter/sweet snap not unlike biting into a candy apple.

This pastry is a symphony of contrasting textures and decidedly messy to eat-it's best to have a plate and a fork handy.

We hope you'll come in and try one or both of these treats. And be sure to watch for future postings of some new and some familiar seasonal offerings.

1 comment:

David Kutcher said...

Those apple and ginger cream puffs would be a perfect dessert pastry for Rosh Hashanah as apples and honey are the traditional way to celebrate a sweet New Year

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