Friday is Oat Groat Bread Day

Yes, when most customers think of Friday at Bakery Normand they think of Challah. But did you know that we make another exceptional bread on Fridays? It's called Oat Groat Bread, and it is very much one of our best, most complex breads. Made from a medium rye sourdough base, we add organic steel cut oat groats, buttermilk, a touch of coriander and moist currants. For starters, a medium rye sourdough bread contains 40% rye flour and 60% white, wheat flour. The higher the percentage of rye flour in a bread, the more rye sourdough must be used for proper fermentation. While this extra rye sourdough would add a greater tanginess to the taste of the bread, the method we use to ferment the sourdough promotes more lactic acid over acetic acid; this gives the sourdough less bite without sacrificing flavor. The oat groats are the actual oat grain or berries. (Oat flakes, which are more familiar to most people, are oat berries that have been flattened.) The oat berries are cut into smaller pieces and we soak them in water overnight to soften them before baking. The result is a finished bread with a nutty brown crumb, deep mahogany colored crust, rich, chewy texture, and natural sweetness from the currants. We use no added fats or sugars.

The crumb is moist and you will notice the even pore distribution. The oat groats provide texture and a slow, satisfying release of flavor. There is something both filling and calming about using oats in baked goods. It is an excellent source of protein and carbohydrates, but because it is absorbed more slowly by the body, there is no spike in blood glucose levels. We let the natural sugars of the currants provide the sweet boost. Try this bread with a sharp cheddar cheese or with butter and your favorite jam (I like my wife's peach jam the best.)

More than most of our breads, Oat Groat Bread has a very strong personality and complexity. But, while some bakeries offer a three-ring circus of bread varieties like Fig-Anise Bread, Chocolate-Cherry Bread, Parmesan-Onion-Olive Fougasse, or Red Pepper-Scallion-Onion-Cheddar Loaf, at Bakery Normand we mostly keep it simple and adaptable. While other bakeries try to hide the poor quality of their breads with gadgets and gimmicks, we sell you quality, serviceable  breads that are ready to take on whatever topping or filling YOU care to add. Don't be fooled by trendy bread varieties; bread is baked nature, not a food court at the mall.

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