Dessert Ideas for Rosh Hashanah

Apple/ Quark Mousse.

May we suggest three new ideas from our kitchen for your Rosh Hashanah celebrations.

The first is an Apple/Quark Mousse. Pictured above in the individual serving size, it is also available as a small 5-6" diameter torte, which should serve six nicely. Build on a thin cookie base and a single layer of yellow cake, the mousse filling is made with heavy cream and quark (also known as curd or frommage blanc). Blended through the mousse are tender apple chunks that have been first sauteed with honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and ginger; raisins macerated in Triple Sec join the mix for a pleasantly sweet and spirited accent. Each individual dessert is topped with a thin slice of Cortland Apple, a rosette of cream and a lemon wedge. The sides are dressed with toasted, thinly sliced almond.

Our second suggestion appeared in an earlier post and also features apples and honey.

Cream Puffs with Apple/Ginger/Honey Filling
Our second new offering is a tart yet sweet, fresh apple,ginger and honey filling in a cream puff (pâte à choux) shell. The shell top is dipped in a caramel brittle coating, which lends a bitter/sweet snap not unlike biting into a candy apple.This pastry is a symphony of contrasting textures and decidedly messy to eat-it's best to have a plate and a fork handy.

A third sessonal dessert is our Pear Almond Cream Tarte.

Pear Almond Cream Tarte

Baked in a fluted tarte tin, the local pears, from Dwight Miller Farm in Dummerston, Vermont, are set atop a frangipan cream and a thin layer of yellow cake. Glazed to perfection with a sweet apricot jam, this dessert is sure to recall life's sweetest moments.

And finally, don't forget to stop by tomorrow for your Spiral Challah.

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